Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

Why Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company?

Apollo Munich is a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospital, Asia's largest healthcare group and Munich Health, Europe's leading insurer and re-insurer. It feels proud to have the strong foundation of two stalwarts behind it. It proudly says, “We know Healthcare. We know Insurance”.

“Let's take out the fear from faces, the jargon from words, the bitter from medicines and the trouble from treatment”. These are not only the words, we say but we work in the positive direction to really help our clients to live fearlessly and enjoy to the fullest.

Apollo Munich provides you life-long renewal of its plans, a distinctive feature. Thus, once you buy the plan, you can get it renewed every year and can take advantage of the benefits.

The Company also focuses on preventive healthcare needs and thus, has included three value-added services of cashless hospitalization, healthline and health risk assessment tool, along with every product. In addition, there is a vast array of products to provide complete security to the client.

There are numerous reasons that collectively contribute to foment a persons’ mind, why to buy from Apollo Munich. Firstly, its strong partners are already well known in their respective fields. Secondly, it offers cashless hospitalization facility in more than 4000 hospitals in the country. Thirdly, its lifelong renewal feature has proved much beneficial. Fourthly, its plans are well designed to offer complete coverage. Fifthly, it offers the feature of portability for people who are not satisfied with their insurers. They can shift from their insurers to Apollo Munich along with accrued benefits of their plans. sixthly, they give their customer an access to Healthline, using which a person can talk to medical experts free of cost for their health issues and so on……the list continues.


  1. Apollo Munich is the combination of Apollo HOspitals and Munich Health. i believe that their renowned partners will surely try to offer the best possible services and thus, i bought their plan.

  2. when it comes to anything to do with health, Apollo is the best. I guess that is why Apollo Munich!!

  3. where the apollo name comes, i'll bet it has to be the best...

  4. Since the company has Apollo hospitals' support... it has to be good...

  5. The value added services from Apollo Munich are very good…


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