Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Service Partners

Apollo Munich has a large service network that incorporates more than 4000 hospitals pan India. The network includes 44 Apollo Hospitals. The goal is to provide customers with high quality healthcare at the well-reputed hospitals. However, it is the customers choice as to where he/she would like to get the treatment done. Apollo Munich provides coverage to all its customers irrespective of which hospital they have been treated in.

Patients treated in network hospitals can make use of the cashless hospitalization facility, while patients who prefer non-network hospitals can claim a reimbursement for the costs incurred. Non-network hospitals need to satisfy certain criteria before a claim is passed.
The 3 main criteria are:
  • It should be a registered and licensed hospital.
  • It should have qualified medical staff employed for 24 hours daily.
  • A minimum of 15 inpatient beds should be present in the hospital. It should also have a fully functional and well-equipped operation theater.


  1. There is no doubt that Apollo Munich is a growing organization and will surely be able to satisfy all its customers and the associated bodies.

  2. All the best to the service partners of apollo munich.

  3. great info... thanks...

  4. the 4000 network hospitals gives customers a vast choice.... Apollo Munich has recently started ads about the cashless treatment at chemists... those are good too...

  5. thanks for the information….

  6. I have used the website to find a network hospital in my locality. Good list of hospitals, I must say.


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