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Apollo Munich Easy Health—Individual Plan

The Easy Health Individual Health Insurance Plan from Apollo Munich protects an individual against medical costs incurred by him/her. It also helps them on their path to a better and fitter life. It offers a comprehensive cover for medication after an accident or ailment, which needs hospitalization. It gives the insured, critical illness cover.

The Easy Health Individual Plan has three variants:-
  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Exclusive

In accordance with the variant selected, the cover could vary from 1,00,000 to 10,00,000.

The Plan covers diagnostic procedures, lodging and boarding, intensive care unit, anesthesia, Operation Theater, surgical appliance, cost of prosthetic and other devices that are implanted during the operation, doctor/nurse charges, drugs, and other medical procedures as per the rules and regulations of the policy. It also pays for inpatient hospitalization.

Benefits of the Easy Health Individual Health Insurance Plan:

Pre-hospitalization—Cover is provided against the charges incurred 30 days before to hospitalization. Number of days can increase to 60, if Apollo Munich is informed in advance.

Post-hospitalization—Charges that are sustained between 60-90 days following discharge. The number of days depends on policy terms and conditions. Day-care procedures—There are 140 day-care procedures covered in this plan by Apollo Munich.

Portability—An insured has the option of shifting from some other insurance company to Apollo Munich and can carry on a majority of the acquired benefits.

Cumulative bonus—If the insured does not claim through-out the year, he/she is entitled a bonus according to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Critical Illness Coverage—Policyholders can avail this optional benefit as per the policy terms and conditions.

Tax benefits—Applicable under section 80 (D) of The Income Tax Act.

Apollo Munich provides value-added services, such as, Health Risk Assessment, cashless hospitalization, and Healthline with this plan.

Apollo Munich provides value-added services, such as, Health Risk Assessment, cashless hospitalization, and Healthline with this plan.

Apollo Munich provides value-added services, such as Cashless hospitalization and Healthline with this plan. The cashless hospitalization option gives customers the chance to get the needed treatment virtually free of cost. The policy holder has to get the treatment at any of the 4000 plus network hospitals and while doing so does not have to pay anything. This facility is time saving and also economically more viable for the policy holder. There is no need for the insured individual to arrange for money before the treatment. One can also get pre-authorization thus saving more time when the individual is hospitalized.

The Healthline is a medical helpline where customers can call and clarify any kind of doubts that they may have regarding healthcare. A person has to simply register or login. Thereafter one has to accept a medico-legal disclaimer. When a person calls the Healthline, a doctor would answer the call, and ask certain health and lifestyle related questions. At the end of the phone call, the doctor would either suggest ways to enhance your healthcare, or advice the patient to visit a doctor.

Apollo Munich ensures that the company provides customers with the most comprehensive solutions for healthcare. All the above benefits and services have been designed to give customers complete healthcare benefits.


  1. A good plan. Easy Health-- individual is well designed by Apollo Munich. it seems as if they have considered every health need, for which an individual can require coverage.

  2. the Easy Health Plan is nice. I have friends who have used the plan. Apollo Muncih is a good company

  3. i too have friends who have used this plan... Apollo Munich is a good provider...

  4. great policy... i have used Easy health for making a cliam on my treatment... the plan is good and it is also easy to understand...

  5. I could buy the policy easily from the website…

  6. I have taken this plan for my whole family. It is best and most affordable.


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