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Apollo Munich Health Insurance – Insure health

Apollo Munich has constantly toiled to bring innovative products in market. Each product is unique in itself. It is an attempt to try to meet an individual's lifestyle and fulfill his/her health needs. Insure Health is one of the modest means to
be in the canopy of the health insurance company.

Insure Health offers a wide health cover for individuals who understand the significance of a healthy living. A person can obtain Insure Health product either from an Apollo Munich's agent or online. He/ She can choose his/her sum assured option, which vary with coverage limit.

The Insure Health plan can be issued to:-
an individual or a family (the spouse, dependent parents and dependent children).
an individual between the age group of 5- 50 years. A dependent child can be covered from the 91st day, if both of the parents are covered under the same plan.

  • Inpatient hospitalization-- It includes all expense incurred during hospitalization
  • Post-hospitalization—1% of the admissible amount can be claimed by an insured towards post-hospitalization expenses.
  • Pre-hospitalization—1% of the admissible amount can be claimed by an insured towards pre-hospitalization expenses.
  • Organ Donor—An insured can claim for the expenses incurred for harvesting of organ donated.
  • Day-care procedures—An insured can claim 140 enlisted day care procedures, which require hospitalization for less than 24 hours.
  • Ayush—An insured can avail medical expenses for inpatient Unani, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Sidha treatment, up to 10% of the sum insured.
The Insure Health Plan has been designed to give policy holders complete coverage from all kinds of healthcare problems. Since the policy can be easily bought, without any lengthy procedures, customers can get the needed health insurance coverage quickly.

The Insure Health Policy is valid till the policy holder reaches the age of 75 years. The policy offers a discount on the policy if 2 or more members of the family are covered by the same policy. The policy covers the family on an individual sum insured basis. At the time of renewal too, the policy offers customers a discount.

As with all the Apollo Munich plans, the policy wordings of the Insure Health Policy are also written in simple language. Customers can understand the claim procedure with ease too. All the policy brochures, policy wordings, claim forms, and other relevant policy documents are available on the Apollo Munich Website. With the plan designed to give customers complete protection from all kinds of medical problems, and the fact that it takes very little time to purchase the plan, it is no wonder that the policy is popular.


  1. Thanks to Apollo Munich for designing Insure Health plan that offer em coverage for my ayurvedic inpatient treatment.

  2. I have another plan from apollo Munich. I was going to buy insure health as a second plan due to the ayush coverage.

  3. Insure health is a good policy... fast to get and easy to use...

  4. this is a good and simple plan from Apollo Munich...

  5. the claim reimbursement was very easy….

  6. Insure health is a great plan and very easy to purchase.


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