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Apollo Munich Insurance Benefits

Apollo Munich has worked in the direction to be the trusted leader in health insurance and thus, has brought various health insurance plans with numerous benefits.

Easy Health Plan Benefits: This plan provides coverage for pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses. It includes 140 day-care procedures that offer treatment for the enlisted diseases that require hospitalization for less than 24 hours. The plan also gives you optional Critical Illness cover that provides you financial and medical protection in case of eight enlisted serious illnesses, subject to terms and conditions.

Personal Accident Plan: This plan provides health coverage in case of an unexpected event. It offers coverage in case of an accidental death, disablement, transportation of mortal remains, emergency ambulance cover etc.

Easy Travel Plan: An insured feels safe while traveling, if he has Easy Health policy as it provides him/her several benefits, such as medical services provider referral, arrangement of appointment with local doctors, pre-trip information services, arrangement of emergency medical reparation, monitoring of medical condition during hospitalization, medical advice on telephone etc.

In addition to it, the tax benefits under section 80 (D) is applicable with all its plans.

Besides it, there are several more plans that increase the list of health insurance benefits for the people of India. It includes:-

· Maxima—It is India’s first 360 degree plan that offers extensive cover to is customer. The biggest benefit of this plan is outpatient coverage through consultation coupons that allow an insured to avail consultation without paying for doctor’s fee.

· Insure Health—The major benefit of this plan is inpatient coverage for Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy and Sidha treatment.

· Optima Cash—The plan pays Lumpsum payment to an insured in the event of hospitalization. This amount paid depends upon the daily cash amount chosen by an insured and the number of days he/she is hospitalized.

All these plans, except Optima Cash, come with value-added services of cashless hospitalization and Healthline. It has made medical advice from experts and medical treatment in reputed hospitals accessible.

Apollo Munich gives the facility of cashless hospitalization in more than 4000 hospitals in India. Healthline gives customers an access to call at toll-free number and talk to medical experts for his/her health issues. In addition, the pure health insurance products come with lifelong renewal feature so that a customer can enjoy the coverage for the whole life.

Apollo Munich Insurance Critical Illness Cover

A Critical Illness Cover means the protection if an insured suffers from the enlisted serious Illnesses. It provides a policy holder a security that a treatment expenses, up to the sum insured, will be paid, if he/she is cured for a Critical Illness.

Apollo Munich toils to Uncomplicate healthcare solutions and to take the fear out of faces and the trouble out of treatment, at this crucial stage. It is an additional cover that one can get only with Exclusive and Premium Plans.

Apollo Munich provides Critical Illness Cover against diseases such as Cancer, Kidney failure, Stroke, Paralysis, First Heart Attack, Coronary artery surgery, multiple sclerosis and major organ transplantation.

All these depend upon the plan opted and the terms and conditions of the Company.

Critical Illness Cover is an optional and additional benefit that is given by Apollo Munich’s pure health isnaurcne products-- Easy Health and Maxima. Only two variants of Easy Health offer this facility for its customers and these are Premium and Exclusive. Hence, a person opting for standard variant cannot go ahead with this coverage.

But, a person shall always keep in mind that this coverage is offered only if he/she is diagnosed with Critical Illness (definition for each of it is stated in policy wording) and he/she survives for 30 days. At the same time, an insured is not given any coverage if he/she is diagnosed for critical illness within 90 days from the time of issuance, a claim for this illness has already been paid and an insured has already made claim three times under this policy.

It is always advisable to opt for Critical Illness Cover.

Apollo Munich Insurance Claim Procedure

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company has brought a simple and easy claim procedure so that the clients can easily reimburses their bills. There is a facility of cashless hospitalization in more than 4000 network hospitals, which takes away the anxiety of raising claim as the individual gets the treatment for free in these hospitals on basis of health card.

But, in case of treatment in non-network hospitals, there is a certain procedure that he/she needs to follow in order to raise the claim.

  • Call at the toll-free number stated at the back of health card and talk to TPA or the Company and inform them about your hospitalization.
  • Speak about the incident, you met and the other small details, which are important from the point of reimbursement. He/She will provide you the required assistance.
  • An individual has to submit certain documents, which include discharge slip, xerox copy of health card, original bills, duly filled claim form and others, if required.
  • On submission of these document, they undergo certain procedure and then after approval the Company issues you cheque against the amount, as per the Company's policies.

Apollo Munich’s claim procedure is simple and easy. Every term and condition of the plan’s coverage is stated in its policy wordings in simple English language such that it is easy to understand. It is one of the main initiatives taken in the direction of demystifying health insurance in India. The guidebook given to a customer at the time of policy issuance has everything about claim procedure, which can be used by him/her at the time of raising claim.

If after it, if there is any query in customer’s mind or clarification required at any point, he/she can call at toll-free number and talk to the representative about it. He will get the required assistance. A customer after raising claim can also check his/her claim status.

Thus, Apollo Munich is user-friendly, straight-forward and uncomplicated health insurance provider in India.

Why Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company?

Apollo Munich is a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospital, Asia's largest healthcare group and Munich Health, Europe's leading insurer and re-insurer. It feels proud to have the strong foundation of two stalwarts behind it. It proudly says, “We know Healthcare. We know Insurance”.

“Let's take out the fear from faces, the jargon from words, the bitter from medicines and the trouble from treatment”. These are not only the words, we say but we work in the positive direction to really help our clients to live fearlessly and enjoy to the fullest.

Apollo Munich provides you life-long renewal of its plans, a distinctive feature. Thus, once you buy the plan, you can get it renewed every year and can take advantage of the benefits.

The Company also focuses on preventive healthcare needs and thus, has included three value-added services of cashless hospitalization, healthline and health risk assessment tool, along with every product. In addition, there is a vast array of products to provide complete security to the client.

There are numerous reasons that collectively contribute to foment a persons’ mind, why to buy from Apollo Munich. Firstly, its strong partners are already well known in their respective fields. Secondly, it offers cashless hospitalization facility in more than 4000 hospitals in the country. Thirdly, its lifelong renewal feature has proved much beneficial. Fourthly, its plans are well designed to offer complete coverage. Fifthly, it offers the feature of portability for people who are not satisfied with their insurers. They can shift from their insurers to Apollo Munich along with accrued benefits of their plans. sixthly, they give their customer an access to Healthline, using which a person can talk to medical experts free of cost for their health issues and so on……the list continues.

Apollo Munich Personal Accident Plan

Anyone can face an emergency at any time of his/her life, which can result in expenditure of huge financial amount. It might not be affordable for the patient to pay for such long bills. At this stage of the life, an individual who is insured can undergo treatment without any anxiety of settling down these bills.

Apollo Munich has brought its Personal Accident Plan to provide coverage to its clients at the time of unexpected event in their life.

  • Personal Accidental Insurance Plan offers following benefits to its clients:
  • Lump sum payment in case of an Accidental death
  • A compensation amount, up to certain percent of the sum insured) on disability of an insured
  • Transportation of medicines
  • Reimbursement on expenses incurred in transportation of mortal remains
  • Emergency ambulance coverage
  • Transportation of a family member to the hospital, subject to terms and conditions.
  • Purchase of blood

Laying emphasis on preventive healthcare needs of an individual, Apollo Munich has included the following value-added services:-

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Healthline
  • Cashless Hospitalization

Cashless hospitalization facility can be availed by insured individuals for undergoing medical treatment in network hospital. The medical bills are directly settled to hospital by an insurer on behalf of an insured. Healthline gives an insured an access to talk to medical experts for their health issues on phone call.

Personal Accident plan, also known as death and disablement plan takes care of all healthcare needs that a person faces at the time of medical treatment due to an accident. It is one of the best accident insurance plans in India. This plan comes in two variants: Standard and Premium, each with different coverage limits. Standard variant has less coverage as compared to Premium. Hence a person can opt for the plan, as per his/her needs and budget.

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