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Apollo Munich Vision of Healthline

Healthline, one of the three value-added services provided by Apollo Munich, is a free healthcare information service, where customers get the assistance from well qualified and experienced physicians. These doctors look into the customer's health profile, his/her case history etc., and then, suggest the most appropriate means of action.

Healthline offers the services such as guiding clients for minor injuries, self care and illness, making them aware of chronic diseases, telling them about medication, maintaining healthy living habits and many others.

Apollo Munich offers healthline services from Monday to Friday, between 9 AM to 6 PM

The clients' can log in and register. Firstly, they have to accept a medico-legal disclaimer and then shall call at the number provided. The call would be attended by a doctor, who will hear your problem and then shall speak about the best action that can be taken. He/She may also ask you to visit a specialist or a hospital.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance keeps in mind the convenience of the customer and policy holder at all times. The Healthline has also been designed keeping this fact in mind. There are many benefits of this facility. Customers need not visit a doctor for every small problem. The questions asked by the doctors on the Healthline are based on those that would be asked when a patient first visits a doctor. Since the medical information that is provided to the doctor is kept classified, one can give medical details without worrying about anything. The Healthline can enable customers to understand diagnostic test results, and sometimes patients can get a second opinion from these doctors.

The prime benefit of the Healthline service is that customers can also get references to the best specialists in the city/country from doctors on the Healthline. It is a free facility and therefore customers do not have to spend money on trivial matters. If the doctor feels that a physical examination or diagnostic tests are needed, the policy holder would be advised the same. There after one can visit a doctor in person and get the needed treatment. Apollo Munich thus simplifies healthcare solutions for customers.

The Apollo Group of Hospitals

Asia’s biggest healthcare service provider, the Apollo Hospitals Group has a comprehensive medical service with more than 8065 beds across 46 hospitals in India and abroad. Not only this, but it also has a long chain of clinical research division, medical BPO, Apollo Pharmacies and health insurance services.

Apollo Hospitals group is a leader in providing healthcare service in India. The exceptional feature of the Apollo hospitals is in adhering to the outperforming clinical success rates and new and modern technologies to match old traditions of Eastern care with the best in the West.

Apollo Hospitals Group being the nation’s biggest provider network has gorgeous mutual understanding with all the insurers in India.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance - Mission

Apollo Munich Health Insurance - Mission

  • Constantly introduce innovative health insurance and wellness solutions that meet customer needs.

  • Build an organization on the principles of transparency, trust and integrity.

  • Create opportunities for our employees to learn and grow in an enjoyable work culture and

  • Constantly deliver on our commitments to all the stakeholders.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance - Vision

To be the trusted leader in health insurance by providing innovative solutions to the citizens of India.

About Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company is a joint venture between two stalwarts (India's largest healthcare group, The Apollo Group of Hospitals and Germany's leading health insurer, Munich Health). It is a trustworthy health insurer that takes advantage of the knowledge and expertise of its partner for the benefits of its clients.

In line to its motto to let's take out the confusion from claims, the Company states all its terms and conditions clearly in its policy wordings, let's take the fear out of faces to take care of all the health needs of an insured so that he/she can live his/her life fearlessly and the trouble out of treatment to commit them to help them in paying for medical expenses, when required.

Hence, Apollo Munich says, “We know Healthcare. We know Insurance”.

The company aims at uncomplicating health insurance in the country. There are many steps that have been taken in this direction. The ‘Let’s Uncomplicate’ campaign is designed to give customers a glimpse of all the steps the company plans on taking to promote health insurance. The punch lines promoted by Apollo Munich are:

• Let’s Take the Fear out of Faces
• Let’s Take the Trouble out of Treatment
• Let’s Take the Jargon out of Words
• Let’s Take the Bitter out of Medicine
• Let’s Take the Confusion out of Claims

The company provides simple health insurance plans that are designed to give customers preventive and curative coverage. The plans enable customers to understand the coverage with the simple language that is used. This reduces the confusion at the time of filing a claim. Apollo Munich also provides one of the simplest and fastest claims procedures in the country. Customers have the option of lifelong renewals with the company. There are also a large number of value added services that are provided to policy holders along with other benefits. Apollo Munich has an extremely user-friendly website where customers can easily buy and renew policies.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company - Introduction

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company, a tie up between the Apollo Group of hospitals and Munich Health has been at the service of Indian citizens to provide them quality medical and health insurance services at an affordable rate. We provide healthcare services, medical care and insurance coverage.

Our aim to Uncomplicate healthcare solutions is incorporated in each of our products to support the core idea of healthy living. The idea of cashless hospitalization has been included looking into the need of quality health and medical care for the people of our country.

The facilities, coverage limits, benefits and day care procedures have all been well thought through, tailor-made and incorporated to meet the client's requirements.

Apollo Munich also provides several value-added services along with the plans. These are aimed at providing preservative and protective healthcare solutions to customers. The option of cashless hospitalization is provided to customers to enable them to get the treatment without having to pay anything out-of-pocket. Apollo Munich provides the choice of 4000 network hospitals for policy holders to avail this service.

There are a large number of benefits that Apollo Munich provides along with the policies. The Easy Health Individual, Easy Health Family, Maxima, and Insure Health Plans all cover pre- and post-hospitalization costs (in accordance with policy terms and conditions). Besides the numerous health insurance solutions, the company also offers customers travel (Easy Travel) and accident (Individual Personal Accident) insurance plans. Optima Cash is a policy that has been designed by the company to provide cover for extra costs that are incurred at the time of hospitalization.

The company has taken several steps to ensure that health insurance is uncomplicated. The policy wordings are therefore written in simple and easy-to-understand language. The claims procedure followed by Apollo Munich is also one of the simplest in the country. The company tries to ensure that the issuance and claims settlement are done smoothly and quickly.
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