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Apollo Munich Solutions for Corporates

Apollo Munich provides some of the easiest and simplest insurance policies for Indians. Each plan is designed after considering the employer and employees needs. Apollo Munich plans focus on prevention and cure. They promote prevention and wellness. Apollo Munich Plans for businesses are given below:

Easy Health Plan: The plan covers an employee (sometimes even dependents) in times of medical exigency. It provides the insured with the option of utilizing the add-on services provided by Apollo Munich. These services include Healthline, Health Risk Assessment, and Cashless Hospitalization.

Easy Travel Plan: The policy covers employees against unforeseen events that they may come across while traveling. It aims at keeping an employee financially safe while out on travel. Customers can request for assistance with a number of medical and non-medical problems faced on the trip.

Personal Accident Plan: This plan has been made in accordance with the requirements of an employee when an accident occurs. The plan enables the insured to get assistance in times of trouble; whether it is medical expenses, transportation of the family, the injured or the mortal remains of the insured.

Apollo Munich provides comprehensive health insurance solutions to individuals and families of corporate employees. All the policies are designed to give customers a comprehensive coverage and enable them to get the best possible healthcare facilities. The Easy Health Group policy is designed to give customers complete coverage from all kinds of medical problems. This is the reason why the policy also provides an optional Critical Illness Cover. The policy also covers diagnostic procedures, ICU, surgery, prosthetic, etc.

The Group Personal Accident Plan is designed to give customers coverage from all kinds of fiscal exigencies that are faced after the accident. The policy also facilitates funds for transportation of family member(s) to the victim and provides education funds for the dependent children of the policy holder. The Easy Travel Group Policy is designed to give customers the ability to cope with several kinds of travel problems. The policy can cover the family as well and through the helpline, employees can get assistance during any problem. There are no medical tests required until the age of 70 years.


  1. I have Apollo Munich's Group plan and am so satisfied with the company's servcies that i am looking forward to buy their family floater.

  2. Good information... I too have an Apollo Munich policy. It is good.

  3. i too have the plan from my company... its good...

  4. good to see so many plans for corporate insurance..

  5. buying the policy was simple…..


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