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Apollo Munich Insurance Day-Care Procedures

Day-care procedures is one of the facilities offered by Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company. It is accepted as a benefit of its plans and products. It offers the treatment for 140 enlisted problems, where hospitalization is required for less than 24 hours. An individual can take benefits of this facility only in the network hospitals.

The Day-care procedures has been included so that clients can avail quality care.
The company assures that an insured gets the treatment from the hands of expert doctors in most reputed hospitals of India. It is a attempt by Apollo Munich to fulfill all the healthcare needs of individuals and their families.

Thus, Apollo Munich allow its clients to live fearlessly and enjoy their life to the fullest.

When people fall ill, they have to think about a number of things. People need the appropriate policy that can take care of all the medical care woes that they are likely to encounter. The Apollo Munich plans are meant to provide customers with access to world-class medical care without any worries about the cost.

The policies cover more than merely the cost of medical care. This is one of the main reasons due to which people select Apollo Munich as their health insurance provider. The Easy Health, Insure Health and Maxima Plans provide coverage for pre- and post-hospitalization, day-care procedures, etc. The policies provide coverage for critical illness as well. The Easy Travel Plan gives customers the chance to contact the company helpline and ask for assistance and referrals at any time while on the trip. The Personal Accident Insurance Plan too provides several unique benefits like coverage for remodeling of the house if needed medically after an accident.

The numerous value-added services that are provided with the Apollo Munich plans are designed to enable people to focus on staying healthy and not just on curing them when they fall ill. The Healthline and Cashless Hospitalization benefit are both meant to give customers complete and easy access to healthcare.


  1. Inclusion of this feature in Apollo Munich's plans has helped many of its clients in availing quality healthcare for the small medical treatments.

  2. i have used the apollo munich policy for the day-care procedures and i must say it was easier than paying for it myself. It is also good that the healthline directed me to a good hospital.

  3. good info... thanks...

  4. good plans... and i am glad such treatments are covered by Apollo Munich...

  5. I have the travel plan from Apollo Munich….

  6. Thank you for this. So much money can be saves with this facility.


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