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Apollo Munich Insurance Critical Illness Cover

A Critical Illness Cover means the protection if an insured suffers from the enlisted serious Illnesses. It provides a policy holder a security that a treatment expenses, up to the sum insured, will be paid, if he/she is cured for a Critical Illness.

Apollo Munich toils to Uncomplicate healthcare solutions and to take the fear out of faces and the trouble out of treatment, at this crucial stage. It is an additional cover that one can get only with Exclusive and Premium Plans.

Apollo Munich provides Critical Illness Cover against diseases such as Cancer, Kidney failure, Stroke, Paralysis, First Heart Attack, Coronary artery surgery, multiple sclerosis and major organ transplantation.

All these depend upon the plan opted and the terms and conditions of the Company.

Critical Illness Cover is an optional and additional benefit that is given by Apollo Munich’s pure health isnaurcne products-- Easy Health and Maxima. Only two variants of Easy Health offer this facility for its customers and these are Premium and Exclusive. Hence, a person opting for standard variant cannot go ahead with this coverage.

But, a person shall always keep in mind that this coverage is offered only if he/she is diagnosed with Critical Illness (definition for each of it is stated in policy wording) and he/she survives for 30 days. At the same time, an insured is not given any coverage if he/she is diagnosed for critical illness within 90 days from the time of issuance, a claim for this illness has already been paid and an insured has already made claim three times under this policy.

It is always advisable to opt for Critical Illness Cover.


  1. I bought Apollo Munich Easy Health plan. it is a remarkable plan that offers coverage to people of all income groups. one can also avail critical illness cover, as an optional facility with this plan.

  2. the critical illenss cover from apollo munich is very effective. I must say, it is a good idea. the plans too are very nice.

  3. this is an important cover and i think everyone should get it...

  4. this is a very good idea from Apollo Munich... to have a critical illness policy for customers... I think the idea is great....

  5. the plans are worth it…

  6. Good to see so many fatal illnesses being covered by Apollo Munich.


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