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Optima Senior New Health Plan by Apollo Munich

Health insurance is a provision that takes care of our healthcare needs. It is meant to ventilate healthcare worries paving smooth way for stress free treatment. With financial coverage, the insured can live life with mental peace. However, only those who acquire the coverage realize the importance and the relevance of a health cover.

Even today, there are many people who take health insurance for granted. Not giving much importance to it, they prefer to pay from their pocket and remain exposed to health related complexities. However, it is important to realize the significance and the role of a health insurance policy in life.

Considering its usage and need for survival for all, health insurance companies have emerged with variety of plans. They are ready to serve  people with required coverage. On the basis of regular research, they keep a track of changing healthcare needs of people. Thus, formulating plans as per their need, they aim at improving healthcare conditions at large. With this view, wide range of choice is made available to people. Offering the health insurance coverage for senior citizens, the insurers live up to their promise of taking care of healthcare needs of all individuals.

Health insurance for senior citizens covers them against the health risks in later stages of life. It assist with financial support at the age of retirement. The health insurance coverage empowers the elderly people to cope with unforeseen medical emergencies without any complication. To provide people with affordable option, Apollo Munich Health Insurance has emerged with a comprehensive plan like Optima Senior. It is a plan comprised of amazing features, designed specifically for senior citizens. So, if your parents or grandparents are still uncovered and you want to secure their health future, here is a wonderful option.

Optima Senior comes with the sum insured options of 2 lakhs, 3 lakhs and 5 lakhs. It enable the person to opt for higher sum insured so as to enjoy wide ranging benefits. With no maximum cover ceasing age, the individual can enter the plan at any time after the age of 61 years. Besides this, the policy incorporates several other features that makes it coverage complete and unique. Once insured under this plan, one can enjoy
  • Cashless hospitalization in across 4000 network hospital in over 800 cities
  • Lifelong Renewal to enjoy the coverage for whole life
  • No Claim Discount of 5% on renewal premium payable after every claim free year
  • E- Opinion for listed critical illnesses from specified medical panel
  • Portability to be able to get the coverage transferred from any other health insurance company with due allowances for waiting period
  • No claim based loading for having made the claim before

Inclusive all such features, Optima Senior provides appropriate coverage in return of the investment made. In addition to this, the insured is offered 5% discount for getting self and spouse insured under the same health cover and an additional discount of 7.5% for taking the coverage for 2 years. Beside this, the policy coverage also entitles the individual to tax benefits under section 80D of Income Tax Act.

Hence, solution is right here at your access. There is just a need to get hold of one and enjoy hassle free healthcare in times of need. With senior health insurance plan like Optima senior you can gift your elders a secured future in those years of life when the person is most expected to face illness or fall ill. 

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Apollo Munich Optima Restore Plan

Optima Restore is a newly launched plan by Apollo Munich. Working with a team of experts, the provider has formulated a plan that is rich with distinctive benefits. This plan incorporates the Restore Benefit that is a unique feature. Under this provision the policy restores the basic sum insured in case one exhausts it within the policy year. This enables the person get covered for any other illness that would otherwise have to be paid for through one’s own pocket, at no extra cost.

Besides this, the policy includes a Multiplier Benefit, which is another amazing feature. It allows the policy holder to get the basic sum insured increased by 50% if he/she has a claim free year. This comes as a no claim bonus, giving a beneficial service to the insured. It gets further extended in next year if the insured still does not apply for claim. In the second year, the policy doubles the sum insured making it 100% of the insurance amount. These two beneficial features make this plan different from various other health coverage plans. 
Apollo Munich aims at providing best health care services to people. To fulfill this need it has emerged with several comprehensive health plans. By formulating cost effective policies it enables people of all income groups to avail the best health treatment. Optima restore is one such plan that is enriched with numerous benefits. It is a plan that comes with the facility of lifelong renewal. The insured can stay covered for an extended period of time. 

In addition it includes the feature of cashless hospitalization. The policy holder can enjoy the health treatment on cashless basis across 4000 hospitals that come within the empanelled network. It also provides coverage for the pre and post- hospitalization expenses. To join the list there are features like in- patient treatment, coverage for day care procedures and emergency ambulance. This makes it a complete package that can fulfill the basic medical care needs along with the several beneficial services.

Optima Restore is available as an individual coverage plan and also as a floater policy. With all its wide ranging benefits it can cover all the family members. This plan can cater to the health needs of the entire family at the cost of a single affordable premium. The reasonable premium cost makes it a comprehensive health plan. The floater plan includes self, spouse, dependent parents and dependent children. In this way this plan is ready to offer utmost benefits to the individual or family.

Equipped with all such features, Apollo Munich has formulated this plan with various unique and never-before features. 

Apollo Munich’s Top Up Plan - Optima Plus

A person looking for a health plan would prefer to buy a product that can offer wide coverage along with a long list of benefits. To cater to this need Apollo Munich has formulated the Optima Plus health plan. Whenever there is a need of healthcare, there are various medical and non medical requirements that lead to expenses. Optima Plus is a plan that serves as a complete health coverage plan.

It is a top-up health insurance plan that can be issued to the individual and/or the family. To fulfill the health needs of people at large this plan offers coverage for the expenses of pre and post- hospitalization, in- patient treatment and 140 day care procedures as mentioned in the policy. It also safeguards the insured from the expenses incurred while availing of medical treatment at home under the domiciliary treatment benefit.
In addition Optima Plus offers life-long renewal facility. This enables the person to take the benefit of health coverage for an extended period of time. In this way it becomes a comprehensive health plan. This plan is available at cost effective rates that resolve the affordability issue for people. It is a simple to understand and easy to afford health plan.

Apollo Munich aims at increasing the number of insured in the country. Optima Plus is a plan that contributes greatly to this objective. This is a plan that comes with no maximum cover ceasing age. Also it offers a discount of 7.5% on the premium amount if you choose the policy for a time period of 2 years.

It is a plan that gives an option of waiving the deductible between the age of 58- 60. The deductible is the specific amount that the policy holder is supposed to pay for his/ her health care expenses in case there is a need for hospitalization before any benefit from the policy can be availed. This plan can provide the basic health insurance along with the promise of several other healthcare benefits. The insured can enjoy the wide coverage benefits for a lifetime.

Also it incorporates the easy portability service. It allows the person to avail of the policy by getting transferred from any other policy. Moreover it offers health protection to dependent family members at a reasonable cost. It covers the self, spouse, dependent parents and dependent children under one umbrella. Thus the insured is just required to pay a single premium instead of paying it separately for each member. To make it more beneficial, the insurer offers an added advantage of 10% family discount in case 2 or more family members are included in the plan.

Avail all the mentioned benefits by paying a reasonable insurance cost of Optima Plus. 
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