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Apollo Munich Health Insurance Products

Plans by Apollo Munich are created by a team of experts after a thorough market survey. The needs of the customer is kept as the focal point while designing plans at Apollo Munich. The products Apollo Munich offers are:

Easy Health Plan: This Apollo Munich Plan has been custom-made to satisfy the customers needs while availing high quality medical treatment. The plan focuses on both preventive and curative needs.

Easy Travel Plan: This Plan is designed to enable the insured to face all unexpected events during his/her travel. It takes into account all the needs of the insured while traveling away from home.

Personal Accident Plan: The Personal Accident Plan has been created to satisfy all the necessities of a person in the event of an accident. The plan incorporates transportation of the injured, his/her family, or movement of the corpse in case of fatal accident.

Maxima: It is India's first 360 degree plan. Maxima incorporates both outpatient and inpatient care. It offers health check-ups for the policyholder. Anyone less than 65 years of age can buy this plan.

Insure Health: This is an easy-to-buy health insurance policy from Apollo Munich that has been brought out to make health care available to one and all. No medical tests are required while buying this policy, subject to the rules and regulations of the policy.

Optima Cash: This plan has been designed to give customers complete and comprehensive coverage from all kinds of extra costs that are likely to arise during hospitalization. The plan is available for 90/180 days and provides benefits such as sickness hospital cash, accident hospital cash, day-care procedure cash, etc.

Apollo Munich health insurance products are designed to give customers the best possible health insurance coverage. The plans are designed to give customers coverage for preventive, preservative and curative healthcare needs. Apollo Munich gives customers the chance to view, select, buy and renew policies on the Apollo Munich website.

The health insurance products of Apollo Munich are lined with several benefits. Apart from the main policy benefits, there are many value-added services that are provided to customers. The Healthline, which is one of the services offered by the company, is a medical helpline where customers can call and healthcare assistance. Another service provided by Apollo Munich is the cashless hospitalization option. This enables policy holders to get the treatment at any network hospital without paying any money. The cost of the treatment is settled directly between the hospital and the company. Apollo Munich has over 4000 hospitals in the network.


  1. Apollo Munich has designed products to quench health need of all sections of people.

  2. good products from Apollo Munich.

  3. the plans are really good... have used the travel one often from office...

  4. we all need it... and i think it is a good idea to have health insurance at all time.. good job from Apollo Munich...

  5. my friends use apollo munich policies...


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