Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

About Munich Health Insurance Company

The worlds largest re-insurer, Munich Re has started a new business segment known as Munich Health. The German-based health insurance company aims at providing quality health insurance solutions worldwide and making healthcare easily accessible to every individual.

Munich Health's Vision: We are the first choice for health risk solutions worldwide.

Munich Health hopes to become the “Heartbeat of innovation”. They are the pioneer in the concept of 'Global Health Risk Management'. Munich Health is trying to fuse the way medical institutions and health insurance companies across the globe work. They provide coverage and carry the 'risk' of anyone (clients/policyholders) undergoing medical treatment for the betterment of health.


  1. I belive that Apollo Munich is able to understand healthcare and insurance needs of people just because it is JV between two specialists-- Apollo Group and Munich Health.

  2. thanks for the information. I am glad to hear about Apollo Munich. Thanks.

  3. there are good plans from the company... I agree.... Apollo Munich is good....

  4. the policies are user-friendly…

  5. the plans have a lot of substance in it…


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