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Apollo Munich Personal Accident Plan

Anyone can face an emergency at any time of his/her life, which can result in expenditure of huge financial amount. It might not be affordable for the patient to pay for such long bills. At this stage of the life, an individual who is insured can undergo treatment without any anxiety of settling down these bills.

Apollo Munich has brought its Personal Accident Plan to provide coverage to its clients at the time of unexpected event in their life.

  • Personal Accidental Insurance Plan offers following benefits to its clients:
  • Lump sum payment in case of an Accidental death
  • A compensation amount, up to certain percent of the sum insured) on disability of an insured
  • Transportation of medicines
  • Reimbursement on expenses incurred in transportation of mortal remains
  • Emergency ambulance coverage
  • Transportation of a family member to the hospital, subject to terms and conditions.
  • Purchase of blood

Laying emphasis on preventive healthcare needs of an individual, Apollo Munich has included the following value-added services:-

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Healthline
  • Cashless Hospitalization

Cashless hospitalization facility can be availed by insured individuals for undergoing medical treatment in network hospital. The medical bills are directly settled to hospital by an insurer on behalf of an insured. Healthline gives an insured an access to talk to medical experts for their health issues on phone call.

Personal Accident plan, also known as death and disablement plan takes care of all healthcare needs that a person faces at the time of medical treatment due to an accident. It is one of the best accident insurance plans in India. This plan comes in two variants: Standard and Premium, each with different coverage limits. Standard variant has less coverage as compared to Premium. Hence a person can opt for the plan, as per his/her needs and budget.


  1. I have bought Personal Accident plan and feels as if both me and my family have the complete coverage.

  2. the personal accident plan that i have from Apollo Munich is actually very good and i am very happy with the kind of plans.

  3. this plan is very good... i have used it when i had my accident...

  4. accident plans are important for everyone... i think everyone should buy it asap.... Apollo Munich's Personal Accident is good...

  5. people should blindly buy plans from Apollo Munich…

  6. This plan sounds good.

  7. Great benefits and coverage!


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