Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Services

Apollo Munich, a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health, works in the direction to offer maximum numbers of benefits to the citizens of India. One of its unique feature is the incorporation of add-on services that is offered for free with all health insurance products.

The Company offers three value-added services so that our clients can focus on preventive measures.

1.Cashless Hospitalization
A wide network of more than 4000 hospitals in India provide this facility to our clients. It is included in our service so that our clients can undergo quality treatment and that too for free in our network hospitals.

It is for the people who want to have primary advice or consultation from doctors on call.

3. Health Risk Assessment Tool
This facility allows our client to make their health profile online, which is checked by our expert physicians and in turn, the client gets back the health advice from these doctors.

All these three facilities have been well designed and integrated in products’ offerings, keeping preventive health needs of people in mind. It is said that “Prevention is better than Cure”. The company focused on this thought and gave its customers an access to Healthline, which helps them to get treated at the earliest, without exacerbating health issues. An insured can call at toll-free number and talk to medical experts for his/her health issues and can discuss the appropriate action to be undertaken.

Cashless hospitalization has further made medical treatment easy. It gives an insured an access to go to network hospitals and get treated without paying medical bill, which are settled by the company.

Both these facilities have remarkable proved to lend helping hand to an insured and his/her family.


  1. Good services offered and that too free of cost. Apollo Munich has really helped people in seeking medical advice easily through healthline services.

  2. Nice to hear that the company has so many services. It is a great initiative to give services that will take care of customers needs. Good thinking apollo Munich.

  3. good information. And thanks for the same...

  4. good information. thanks for the same. Apollo Munich is a good company. Have heard a lot about it myself.

  5. the plans are easy to understand…

  6. Cashless is best. I just have to inform Apollo Munich and then relax. It is as though I am getting treatment for free.

  7. I have gone on the site of Lets Stay Healthy. It was fun and I found out my BMI, callorie requirements etc.


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