Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

Great Place To Work 2012

Apollo Munich Health Insurance is once again declared as Great Place To Work and one of India’s Best Companies to Work for in, by Great Place to Work Institute. It has brought applaud for the efforts of the company directed towards the benefit of humankind.

Apollo Munich has been ranked third best place to work in insurance sector and 37th Great Place to Work in the category of companies with up to 1000 employees. This reward has won acclaim for inspiring trust in customers and creating an environment for growth. Being declared as Great Place to Work, Apollo Munich will continue work with an aim to make life easier for all. It not merely uncomplicated health insurance but also ensures that its employees enjoy working in a healthy environment. It paves way for professional as well as personal growth.

This award was twice in a row for the company. Time and again, efforts of Apollo Munich has been identified with the capability of best rated services. Such accolades comes as a proof for its movement in the right direction. The company continues to look ahead and aim for excellent results in future.

With this recognition, Apollo Munich has proved that it is one of the best employer to work with. Making a significant contribution in the field of health insurance sector, it has introduced several new ways that can make health insurance easy yet innovative for masses. While building upon the target of customer satisfaction, the company ensures the satisfaction of its employees. Great Place of Work institute consider those companies as best place to work that nourishes cordial relations between employer and employees. Honoring Apollo Munich with this award, it has proved the efficient and healthy work environment exercised in the company. It makes evident that Apollo Munich is a name known for taking care of its employees with complete dedication. Thus, people working with Apollo Munich take pride in working for the company and keeps it in good faith.

Apollo Munich has come a long way. Taking upon the responsibility to change the perception of health insurance industry amongst masses, Apollo Munich has taken several steps. This has involved dense thinking and concentrated efforts. Acting upon the clear vision “to be a trusted leader in the health insurance sector by providing innovative solutions to the citizens of India’, the company makes sure that it serve people with what they looking for. It has traveled a long journey with constant introduction of new ideas and concepts. Thereby, developing upon them, Apollo Munich Insurance encourages the efforts of employees while making sure that it comes out with something effective for its customers.

The passion for providing best- in class services is the driving force for the company. To meet its target, Apollo Munich encourages its 5 set of values that includes ‘Inspiring passion,
Delivering on promises, Being responsive to customers, Managing relationships and Thinking and acting transparently’. Following through these values, it ensures best results that brings cheer for not only the company but also for people who put their efforts for it. Along with strong customer building relations, Apollo Munich also stimulates interpersonal skills amongst employees. This further nurtures the exchange of ideas and circulation of them for improvisation and better results. In this way, it maintains a balance between fun and work enhancing overall growth of all.

Besides the set of values, Apollo Munich works with clearly stated mission. It has announced ‘Creating opportunities for employees to learn and grow in an enjoyable work culture’ as one of the commitment in that mission. To ensure the fulfillment of this mission, Apollo Munich keeps organizing the events to keep the enthusiasm and interest of its employees alive throughout. It also encourages and recognizes employees’ efforts and hard work. Working as a family, the company keeps the focus of best delivery of services and complete satisfaction of both employees and clients.

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  1. This firm motivated the workers for something better and effective customer come and join the company.Company always put their effort to providing world-class services to their customer.To ensure the successful completion of mission or project,they always trying to keep organizing the special events for recognized their effort and hard-work.Thank you

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