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Innovation Award for Optima Restore

Optima Restore is a truly innovative product launched by Apollo Munich Health Insurance
in recent past. Based on the concept of ‘Unbelievable’, the plan incorporates several unique features to serve people with unique healthcare benefits. Soon after its launch, the product captured the attention of large number of audience thereby receiving a good response.

Optima Restore became the choice of majority of people with its unbelievable benefits. The plan is inclusive of basic coverage features along with a long list of innovative insurance benefits that makes the plan unique.

In a very short time, Optima Restore became the choice of many people. For developing upon such unique concept, this plan has bagged below listed awards
  • India Insurance Awards for Best Product Innovation Award category
  • ‘Innovation of the Year’ award at the Asia Insurance Industry Awards
  • Innovation Award by Finnoviti in the Insurance Sector for an unbelievable product
Having received all such awards, Optima Restore has been evident of the innovative healthcare coverage it offers to its clients.

There are numerous health insurance products available in the market. They are ready to serve people with comprehensive health insurance coverage. Formulated as per the needs of people, the policies are flexible enough to fit into the framed of varied healthcare needs. Amidst all of them stands Optima Restore- an unbelievable health plan. The plan is based on the unique concept so as to serve people with never before benefits in health insurance industry. It is a plan that entitles the insured not only to comprehensive coverage but also to innovative health insurance benefits at affordable cost.

Optima Restore offers you basic sum insured options ranging from 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs. It allow the individual to pick the plan as per the affordability. The buyer can decide according to the premium he/ she can afford to pay. It is available for both the individual and family. Moreover, the policy is equipped with a feature like ‘Multiplier Benefit’. There are several plans that might be offering no claim bonus but Optima Restore offers it in different packaging. This benefit multiplies the sum insured in case the insured does not make the claim. It entitles him/ her to a no claim discount of 50% increase in the insurance amount for having a claim free year. But here comes an added advantage, if the policy holder does not apply for claim even in the second year, it will double the basic sum insured making it 100% of the insurance amount. With no extra charge or any complicated paperwork, Apollo Munich serve people with this unique benefit.

In addition to this, this innovative health insurance policy makes the insured entitled to yet another ‘Restore Benefit’. Pertaining to this feature the policy automatically reinstates the entire sum insured amount if the insured uses it in a policy year. This provision is of true help for insured individuals, especially if the plan is purchased as family health plan. If the coverage amount has been utilized once, it doesn’t keep other insured members away from using the coverage amount once again. With the coverage amount restored, other members can once again claim the policy coverage for best healthcare coverage. Hence, the plan lives up to its promise of taking good care of all the covered members.

Taking a close view of the plan, Optima Restore can be truly recognized as an innovative health insurance plan. Having earned the trust of millions of people, it has served many people with its unique health insurance benefits. So, get yourself covered under such a unique health plan and enjoy unbelievable medical insurance benefit.

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