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Apollo Munich Awarded a Silver in the Digiratti 2012 List

Apollo Munich bagged yet another award, a Silver in the Digiratti 2012 List by Paul Writer for Marketing Campaign of Optima Restore.

The Digiratti List by Paul Writer recognizes those campaigns that are benchmarks for Connected Marketing. This List aims to recognize the team that has created unique customer communities and used innovative social media, video, mobile and digital technology to increase marketing impact.

Apollo Munich won this Silver Award for its marketing theme 'Unbelievable' for memorability and retention - featuring hard-to-imagine acts performed by people from different parts of the world and for turning the company website upside down before the launch to create a buzz to draw trade and customers to the website for more information. This unusual concept successfully gained attention of majority of people. It created buzz in market by introducing truly innovative health insurance benefits.

Starting its journey in health insurance sector in the year 2007, this health insurance firm always came up with well designed healthcare products. Travelling through various twists and turns, it has been established as one of the best health insurance provider in India. The company has earned this recognition with consistent and concentrated efforts, innovative thinking, urge to offer the best in class services to the citizens of country. Having launched various different products like Easy Health, Maxima, Insure Health, Optima Cash, Optima Plus, Optima Restore, Optima Senior and Easy Travel insurance plan, it offers different insurance options to all. One can find insurance coverage as per the specific need. Amidst all the products, Optima Restore is inclusive of several unique health insurance benefits.

Talking about this unbelievable product, Antony Jacob, the CEO of Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company mentioned, “ Optima Restores is the first in the series of next generation products that we are planning to launch. It is based on our extensive research over the past 17 months and analysis of over 250 global products. ‘Optima Restore’ has been designed to offer complete comfort to health insurance consumers, since their coverage will increase whether they use up the plan or don’t use it at all. Guaranteed and with no extra charge.”

This plan is inclusive of other benefits like lifelong renewal, no claim based underwriting, no geography based sublimits, treatment on cashless basis across 4000 network hospitals, easy upgrade and certifies associates. With all such benefits Optima Restore offers comprehensive and beneficial coverage.   

Due to its innovative features and benefits, the plan has been the choice of millions of people. The plan has been introduced to meet all healthcare needs of people without any compromise. Drawing a good response from market, Optima Restore has proved its success and effective working. With its launch, Restore sold a record number of policies. Involving basic insurance coverage features, it weaves along innovative insurance benefits to allow healthcare without any compromise. Having won awards for its innovative thought line, it has introduced first of its kind benefit. It achieved great success rate giving evidence of favourable response from people.

The creative thought has brought alive the idea of this unbelievable product. To makes people familiar with its concept, its advertising campaign’s focus was to bring alive this truth, positioning Optima Restore as the game changing product. Its promotional videos draw attention towards the unbelievable facts. It highlights the unusual activities performed by people that are rare to find. It directly relates to the product Optima Restore that brings unusual benefits at easy access.

Optima Restore adheres to its tagline of ‘Unbelievable’. It is a plan power packed with first of its kind benefit that makes the policy coverage comprehensive and beneficial at affordable insurance premium. Framed in sum insured options ranging from 3 lakh to 15 lakhs, the plan can be purchased as both individual and family health plan.

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