Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

Apollo Munich Wins Best Employer Brand Award

Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE) has conferred Best Employer Brand Award to Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company for being a Role Model and Exemplary Leader in bench-marking talent and HR practices by:
• Scaling and managing complexity.
• Committing to continuous improvement by encouraging and nurturing the value of learning and a mind-set of excellence through continuous training and development.
• Pledging commitment to professional growth.
• Measuring organizational health and inculcating values that help in achieving the vision of a social employer and future leader.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance is a joint venture between Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health. It is a standalone health insurance provider coming up with several innovative healthcare products. Working under the guidance of two proficient partners, the company proudly says “We know Healthcare. We know Insurance.” Taking both healthcare as well as insurance needs into consideration, Apollo Munich comes with products that can take good care of health of the person along with access to uninterrupted insurance services.

Since the year of its inception, 2007, Apollo Munich has come a long way. Having established itself in Indian health insurance market with a reputed name and trusted services, it has served millions of families. Having formulated plans against all kinds of health risks, it has provision for all. People of all ages can find shelter under the canopy of its comprehensive health plans. Moreover, the company ensures that it lives up to the promises made. Such consistent and focused efforts has lead Apollo Munich to win the award of Best Employer Brand.

Building upon the clear mission of “Let’s Uncomplicate”, Apollo Munich introduces easiest ways for acquiring health insurance coverage. Providing genuine information about all its products in simple policy wordings, it enables people to develop a clear understanding of the policy coverage.

Apollo Munich understands the fact that healthcare needs differ from individual to individual. Thus, to allow hassle free healthcare to all, it has devised plans of different kinds. Keeping an eye over the changing needs of people, it has formulated plans that can serve them rightly. Being a health insurance company, it concentrates purely on the medical care needs of masses. Building upon the clear set of values “Inspiring passion, Managing Relationships, Being responsive to customers, Delivering on our promises and Thinking and Acting Transparently”, Apollo Munich aims to offer best health insurance services along with customer satisfaction.

Beginning its journey with one health plan, Easy Health, today Apollo Munich has a long list of healthcare products to offer. It covers health risks generated during accidents and travel. More so, from a child to senior citizens of country can get insured under the preferred plan. Time and again it keeps introducing plans with innovative features. They entitle the insured people to enjoy first of its kind benefits in health insurance sector. Having provision for all, its plans have been the choice to millions of individuals and families.

Having bagged several awards for its products, Apollo Munich has proved its concentrated efforts. Coming up with flexible products, it takes care of citizens of country. Company has been established with a broader vision of improving healthcare condition across the country. With this view, Apollo Munich started its journey with the prime objective to help stay healthy regardless of worry of healthcare expenses. The company logo- Happy Man depicts the vibrant colors that have specific significance. It collectively illustrates its aim of assisting people in making their life healthy and therefore happy. This has resulted in Apollo Munich reaching out places and measuring boundaries. With a view to move ahead, it aims at going higher bringing further improved services.


  1. I am trying to renew my policy and there is no interest since the past two weeks.

    Hope this blog can help what three phone calls and one email couldn't.

    If it still doesn't then it's a huge shame.


  2. Great Post About Choosing Health Insurance ,I Got Very Useful Tips From Your Post
    Mohit Yadav

  3. I think Apollo Munich is the best health insurance company.


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