Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Coverage

Apollo Munich Health insurance Company is a joint venture between two stalwarts. Munich Health is the new business segment of Munich-Re, Europe’s leading insurer and re-insurer. The Apollo Group of Hospitals is the largest healthcare group in Asia. It offers financial and medical protection at the time of emergencies.

The dimensions of health cover may vary from plan to plan. The coverage may be for individual, family or group (corporate houses). Hence, Apollo Munich plans offer health cover to all section of society. It brings life-long renewal feature of its plans so that the coverage limit may be extended for the whole life.

The Easy Health plan is believed to be the complete health plan that takes all major health needs into consideration. It also offers optional cover to eight major critical illnesses, which include cancer, kidney failure, sclerosis, major organ transplantation, first heart attack, coronary artery surgery, stroke and paralysis.

The Personal Accident and Easy Travel provide the further coverage to health risks that may arise during mishap or while traveling respectively. There is a long list of benefits with each of them.

In addition, these plans also offers coverage to preventive health needs of its customers through its value-added services.

Furthermore, Apollo Munich offers health coverage to its customers in the form of various facilities, such as cashless hospitalization and reimbursement. The company has tied up with more than 4000 hospitals to offer medical treatment to its customers on the basis of cashless hospitalization. An insured can go to any network hospital, can seek medical treatment and can walk out of hospital premises without paying medical bills, which are directly settled by the company.

If an insured goes for treatment in non-network hospital, he/she has to settle bills on his/her own. Later on, these bills can be raised for making claim for the same amount. These facilities have been proved beneficial to people, as they can seek quality healthcare without worrying about medical expenses.

Health Insurance coverage can also be availed for individuals, families and groups, as there are all sorts of plans available in market. Individual plan offers coverage only to an insured. Family Insurance plan offers coverage to all members of the family. Group health insurance plan offers coverage to group of people.


  1. There is no doubt that Apollo Munich plans offer wide coverage that take care of both curative and preventive helth neeeds.

  2. I have always been worried about quality healthcare. But not now with the Apollo Munich plan that I have. Thanks for the information.

  3. I too have Apollo Munich's plan...

  4. very well written... good job...

  5. I too have a plan from Apollo Munich and i agree that it is worth every penny of investment.

  6. I compared plans on health insurance comparison websites and came to the conclusion that Apollo Munich offers best coverage compared to the cost.


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