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Apollo Munich Health Insurance Compare

There is no doubt that if you make up your mind to buy a health insurance plan, you will get confused as there are many options available in the Indian market. So, it is better to go with a reputed name and that is Apollo Munich, a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health. Both of its partners are leaders in their respective fields and thus, Apollo Munich brings out the best-in-class product. It is only after comparison of various parameters and considering health needs of an individual, several health insurance plans have been brought up with several unique features, which are not offered by any other health insurer.

The Easy health plan provides financial and medical protection during emergencies. The Easy Travel plan covers health risks arising while traveling and Personal Accidental Plan provides protection against health risks arising due to sudden mishap.

As said above, it is always advisable that a person should focus on his/her healthcare needs and then concentrate and compare plans on the basis of following parameters in order to choose the best one.

· Premium

· Deductibles

· Waiting period

· Coverage Limits

· Co-payment

· Benefits

· Facilities

· Add-on-services

Thus, a person should first learn all these important terms and then compare plans. It would help him/her to make the right decision. Once done, don’t forget to focus read plan’s exclusions, as it will let you know about the uncovered perils. So, always have these points in your mind, when you choose health insurance plan for yourself or for your family.


  1. I too agree as i I searched a lot but could find no better plan than Apollo Munich.

  2. Thanks for the info. I have an Apollo Munich plan and agree that it is worth every penny.

  3. it is good to compare plans before buying them...

  4. apollo Munich is good so i guess it is worth it...

  5. I too think health insurance is essential and should be made compulsory.

  6. Good post. Apollo Munich offers not only great benefits, but also add-on services. I have used them.

  7. Great benefits, not to mention add on services.

  8. Another informative blog…I agree with to us… Best of luck for further endeavor too.Very nice info..Thanks for sharing it...

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