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Apollo Munich Health Insurance Claim

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company leads to a straightforward and uncomplicated claim procedure so that the customers can easily get the refund amount of their bills. There is a provision of cashless hospitalization in over 4000 network hospitals, which takes away the fear of raising claim as the human being gets the treatment for free in these hospitals on basis of the health insurance card.

But, if he/she gets treated in non-network hospitals, there is a certain procedure that he/she needs to follow so that he/she can raise the claim. Apollo Munich’s claim procedure is:-

Call at the toll-free number written at the backside of your health card. It might be of the TPA or the Company. Inform the representative about your hospitalization and the incident faced.
Speak about the every small detail, which is crucial from the point of reimbursement. He/She will help you in raising claim.
You might require documents such as duly filled claim form, discharge slip, xerox copy of health card, original bills and others, if required.
After submitting these documents, you have to wait till they get approved and then, the company issues you cheque against the same amount, as per the Company's policies.


  1. I raised a claim last year for treatment in non-network hospital from Apollo Munich and was able to receive the money soon. Really a good and speedy process.

  2. I have health insurance from Apollo Munich. The plan is good and I can get the claim simply. I have used the reimbursement process too of the compnay.

  3. People should read the coverage terms carefully... this reduces confusion when making a claim... iv learnt it the hard way...

  4. I too have used the plans and find them easy and straight forward. I also have health insurance from Apollo Munich.

  5. I have also got a plan from apollo munich and i agree it is good.

  6. People think that health insurance companies avoid claims on some pretext. I believe Apollo Munich is not like that.


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