Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company - Introduction

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company, a tie up between the Apollo Group of hospitals and Munich Health has been at the service of Indian citizens to provide them quality medical and health insurance services at an affordable rate. We provide healthcare services, medical care and insurance coverage.

Our aim to Uncomplicate healthcare solutions is incorporated in each of our products to support the core idea of healthy living. The idea of cashless hospitalization has been included looking into the need of quality health and medical care for the people of our country.

The facilities, coverage limits, benefits and day care procedures have all been well thought through, tailor-made and incorporated to meet the client's requirements.

Apollo Munich also provides several value-added services along with the plans. These are aimed at providing preservative and protective healthcare solutions to customers. The option of cashless hospitalization is provided to customers to enable them to get the treatment without having to pay anything out-of-pocket. Apollo Munich provides the choice of 4000 network hospitals for policy holders to avail this service.

There are a large number of benefits that Apollo Munich provides along with the policies. The Easy Health Individual, Easy Health Family, Maxima, and Insure Health Plans all cover pre- and post-hospitalization costs (in accordance with policy terms and conditions). Besides the numerous health insurance solutions, the company also offers customers travel (Easy Travel) and accident (Individual Personal Accident) insurance plans. Optima Cash is a policy that has been designed by the company to provide cover for extra costs that are incurred at the time of hospitalization.

The company has taken several steps to ensure that health insurance is uncomplicated. The policy wordings are therefore written in simple and easy-to-understand language. The claims procedure followed by Apollo Munich is also one of the simplest in the country. The company tries to ensure that the issuance and claims settlement are done smoothly and quickly.


  1. i have read about the Apollo Munich growth strategy and have noticed the way they are turning up in the market and would suggest all to buy their plans as it would be best health insurance organization in coming few years.

    their plans are unique in the Indian market.

  2. I bought Apollo Munich plan just because it is JV between two specialists from the field of healthcare and insurance. i hoped that they are able to understand people's health need better and now, i feel that i was right.

  3. I have used the plans from Apollo Munich, they are very good. the main benefit is the fact that the insurance plans are easily viewable online. i read the plans before buying them, so now i can use it more easily.

  4. i agree... so have i...

  5. Apollo Munich is supposed to be excellent... i have high expectations from the company...

  6. I really trust Apollo Munich. It has given me great service over the past almost 3 years.


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