Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

The Apollo Group of Hospitals

Asia’s biggest healthcare service provider, the Apollo Hospitals Group has a comprehensive medical service with more than 8065 beds across 46 hospitals in India and abroad. Not only this, but it also has a long chain of clinical research division, medical BPO, Apollo Pharmacies and health insurance services.

Apollo Hospitals group is a leader in providing healthcare service in India. The exceptional feature of the Apollo hospitals is in adhering to the outperforming clinical success rates and new and modern technologies to match old traditions of Eastern care with the best in the West.

Apollo Hospitals Group being the nation’s biggest provider network has gorgeous mutual understanding with all the insurers in India.


  1. everyone in India must be aware of the Apollo Group. it is the biggest center of cardiac treatment.
    the Apollo Group is regularly expanding its arms in the field of telemedicine, health insurance (Apollo Munich by tieing up with Munich Health) and several other fields.

  2. It is undubitable that the hand of Apollo Group will really prove useful to Apollo Munich and its customers. people will get the best plan.

  3. Apollo Group is good. Nice to hear about that and about Apollo Munich.

  4. where the Apollo name comes... there is no doubt that it will be good...

  5. where the Apollo names comes in... quality is a must...

  6. great to hear it... thanks...


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